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R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd

Models and Content Creators, New York, NY

The couple you want to hate but can’t help loving.

By: Michael Small | Photos: Tawni Bannister

Lloyd is wearing the To the Nines Polo

Mixing business and pleasure is a no-no as old as “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But for R’el Dade and Marcus Lloyd, the coalescence of their lives – both personal and professional – has produced something special.  

The couple – models by trade – met at a casting a decade ago in Manhattan, and after a few years an affectionate friendship blossomed into a full-blown romantic situation. Now the two are inseparable, constantly smiling and trading playful banter that could be straight out of an Aaron Sorkin script. It would be almost annoying – these beautiful people in their harmonious relationship, living the perfect life – if they weren’t so damn likeable.

Nowhere is that charm more palpable than on This is the Place I Was Telling You About, a lifestyle blog that showcases the delicious food and photo-ready places the couple experience together. The pair always do cool stuff together. Friends are always hitting them up for to-do recommendations – the ultimate sign of life approval – so it only made sense to create something official. 

"Why don't we do something we enjoy and that we can do together?" explains R’el, and thus This is the Place was born. The two enjoy an easy rapport, joking about how their love of food will bite them in the end (“We'll probably be two fat old people,”) and Lloyd’s serious level of chill (“There could be a fire going on and he'll be sitting on the couch like, ‘Oh, fire,’” teases Dade). 

So how does one navigate a working relationship when you have to share a bed at the end of the day? The answer is simple, according to Lloyd: “We both like to give each other the driver's seat. 

“It's really important that if she has a good idea that I listen. If I have a good idea, she'll listen,” he says. 

But two people who spend nearly every minute together must have habits that drive each other crazy… right? The couple wrack their brains when asked – surely there must be something. Finally, Dade admits that Lloyd’s love for yoga is much stronger than her own. “I’m not flexible,” she laughs. “He’s a yogi. He’ll be doing all these poses and I’m just like ‘what the hell is going on?’’’

Even their disagreements are adorable. 

Meet R’el Dade and Marcus Lloyd. 

9:00 AM
Morning run in Central Park 


“Exercise is great for clearing your mind. Everyone needs that. They need something that they can do every week.” — Dade


10:30 AM
Commuting to castings 

Lloyd is wearing the Double Dose Tee
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“We work together, we play together, we chill – everything together now.” — Lloyd

Lloyd is wearing the Commuter Trouser
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11:30 AM
Coffee at Bluestone Lane Cafe 

“When I first moved to New York I was all about style –probably a little too much. You see all these movies and TV shows that paint New York as a glamourous city. Now that I'm a New Yorker (I know, the real deal) I'm all about quality and comfort! When you are running all day in the city it plays a major role.”  — Dade 

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3:00 PM
An early dinner at Two Hands Restaurant and Bar 

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Dade is wearing the Stop Them Short Crop Top

“I like to think of my style as the guy who is dressed really nice but it looks like he doesn’t care or it was an afterthought. I'm a very minimal guy – my pieces are easily interchangeable.” — Lloyd  

Lloyd is wearing the Commuter Trouser

4:00 PM
Happy hour at Goodnight Sunny 

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“We don't like a schedule; we go with the flow. We're go‑with‑the‑flow type people.” — Dade

 Follow Dade and Lloyd on their adventures at This is the Place I was Telling You About.