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Strike a Balance: In Conversation

with Nikki Fogden-Moore

Gold Coast, QLD

The Vitality Coach shows you how to combine the personal and professional to make your life take off.

By: Michael Small | Photos: Janneke Storm

Fogden-Moore is wearing the Straight Up V Tee

For many people in the world of business, work is a 24-hour endeavour and taking time off can be perceived as a weakness. But Nikki Fogden-Moore knows that in order to excel at work, you need to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle – and it was her goal to show business people how to create harmony between the personal and professional. And so she became the Vitality Coach – a guide for those looking to harness the power of a healthy lifestyle to promote a more powerful work presence.

“Basically, I'm the expert in bringing business and personal vitality to life. I help people find that perfect blend,” says Fogden-Moore.

Working with high-level CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives, Fogden-Moore has created a successful strategy for unearthing that work-life balance that eludes so many of us. Here, she talks about the dangers of work burnout, coaching success and finding your extra gear in life.

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Kit and Ace: Why do you think people struggle finding a happy medium between work and life?

Nikki Fogden-Moore: I think there's always been a myth that work defines a lot of people, especially males. Eighty-five per cent of my clients are male. Usually they're senior executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs who have really got their act together in so many areas, but they’re just missing that little extra element. It's always a struggle to shut off at the end of the day and it's never harmonious. I think it's about a mindset. We struggle because of underlying thought processes, things we're taught and what we read in the media about what defines success – we forget to define success for ourselves.

KA: What problem do most people want you to help them solve?

NFM: The number one question is, "How can I reconnect with doing what I love and loving what I do, and not struggle?" I call it ‘from chaos to calm.’

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KA: What makes you different from other business coaches?

NFM: I think the unique thing about me is that I'm actually one of the only coaches who has a detailed health/fitness/nutrition background as well as a business background. I’ve run a brand strategy agency. I started an athlete management agency. I understand what it's like to work 80 hours a week but still be healthy, wealthy and wise.

That gives me a real empathy for highly driven people who love their job – they don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. They can still be fit and healthy and don't have to suddenly become Arnold Schwarzenegger in the gym.

KA: Is it difficult commanding the respect of extremely successful people?

NFM: I think my authenticity has always carried me through because there have never been any blurred lines. I'm really driven myself and – I don't know how to put this in a nice way – I don't do bullshit. I'm very straight down the line. I have a lot of integrity.

My experience has enabled me to work alongside these really successful people because I can contribute and add value. I've always been in that realm. Anyone who’s really successful is like that because they dedicate themselves to something. It's not because they're a messiah – they have the same struggles as anyone else.

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KA: As someone who has to embody your message, how do you do it all?

NFM: The most important thing is having conviction for what you do. If you don't know your "why" and you're not connected to what you're doing in life, you're always going to be exhausted. Because you'll feel like you're on someone else's train.

You've really got to understand what your values are and what's important to you. That's the number one thing. It's not about whether or not I meditate every day. It's the fact that I'm passionate and connected to what I do and I really believe in it. I think that gives you a kind of superpower– you can do a lot more when you really believe in something or someone.

The second thing is, I practice what I preach. Even though I have a gruelling schedule and I do a million and one things, I still listen to my body and I'm mindful that I am my business, so I can't push myself into the ground. Practicing what you preach is really crucial.

KA: If someone asks you for the first step to finding that extra gear in life, what do you say?

NFM: I would say: take some time, ditch your iPad and your computer, and focus on reconnecting with what you really want. Design the life that you want. Sit down every 90 days and go, "Right, what do I really want out of my life? What do I want to be doing? What am I good at? What really lights me up?" Take time to reconnect with that.

If you've got goals that are always on your list and you're not doing them then maybe they're actually not really resonating with you. Because if what you want to do on your piece of paper isn't relevant to you, and you're not really pumped about it, you're never going to do it.