SHIPPING IS ON THE HOUSE | For her | For him

*North America Only

SHIPPING IS ON THE HOUSE | For her | For him

*North America Only

TALKING POINTS: The Single Ladies Edition

Volume 15

Pusha T gives brand advice, Oxford'w word problems and OJ's big melonBy:Michael Small | Illustration: Tom Froese



Kismet my ass. “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s the platitude that’s trotted out in every situation that requires a pat on the arm and a reassurance that all will be well. But is it true? Everyone can relate to a scenario that is just too perfect to be a coincidence, like a guy falling for the bridesmaid after being left at the altar. But a recent article in The Atlantic shows that these coincidences are a very egocentric thing, important only to those involved and nobody else. You know that attractive co-worker whose mom has the same birthday as you? Yeah, you probably aren’t meant for each other.

Hip Hop Help. Like something straight out of the Chappelle’s Show Wu-Tang financial skit, Pusha T shares his tips for successful brand management. The president of G.O.O.D. Music Inc. shares nuggets of wisdom like “engage your audience,” “stay consistent” and “surround yourself with good people.” While Pusha offers some very sound advice, we aren’t sure what’s more disappointing – that he didn’t drop any bond diversifying knowledge, or that there wasn’t a single cocaine reference.

The definition of sexism. A dictionary is probably one of the least controversial items in the world, up there with a spoons and yarn. But recently, a doctoral student in anthropology discovered the entry for “rabid” in the Oxford Dictionary was shockingly offensive – “A rabid feminist” was the example given. After tweeting his discovery, more and more examples of latent sexism were shared on social media, soon triggering a dismissive and sarcastic response from Oxford. Hey Oxford, what’s the definition for patronizing?

If the head does not fit, you must acquit. Does any news about OJ Simpson surprise you anymore? Whether it’s penning a “fictional” account of the murder of his former wife, or being arrested for armed robbery, no story is too strange for the former NFL-star-turned-worst person-ever. But with the recent airing of FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson, the Juice is back in the headlines. It seems Simpson is upset with Cuba Gooding Jr.’s portrayal of him, but not for reasons you might expect. Simpson says Gooding Jr. isn’t fit to play the role, not because of his ability, but because his head is too small. Good grief.


All the single ladies. For what appears to be the first time ever, single women are the most powerful voting demographic in the United States, with unmarried women making up 23 per cent of the electorate. With the majority of this demo leaning far left, they could have a major impact on the upcoming election. With topics like reproductive rights, workplace discrimination and equal opportunities all up in the air, girl power isn’t just a catchy slogan. It’s the future.