*North America Only


*North America Only

Talking Points:

Volume 18 

The bad kid tax, sniffer dog, dick pic edition.

By: Kate Wells | Illustration: Tom Froese

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News Bites

Dad Credit. In Shanghai, the standard once-a-week phone call to the ‘rents is no longer going to cut it. The city has passed a new set of regulations saying that adult children living apart from their parents should visit or send greetings often – or else. If they don’t, parents can file lawsuits against them for neglect, which could result in lowered credit scores.

Weiner Dogs. After half a year on the job, six sniffer dogs at the Manchester Airport in England failed to find any cocaine or heroin, though they did persistently turn up a lot of cheese and sausage. The British government spent around $1.7 million on the animals who were supposed to be highly trained to find illegal substances – making their spoils the most expensive charcuterie on record.

Not Again, Richard. Artist Whitney Bell has opened an exhibit in Los Angeles showcasing over 150 unsolicited dick pics that she and her friends have received, titled, I Didn’t Ask For This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics. The installation was constructed to look like the artist’s home in order to mirror the feeling of receiving one of the unwelcome pictures – a violation in what should be a safe, private space. So keep it in your pants boys, because sometimes revenge is best served in a very public space.

For Your Consideration

Going the Extra Mile. If the idea of chugging a beer and running a 400-metre sprint isn’t nauseating enough for you, meet the long distance alternative to the Beer Mile – the Beer Relay, where teams of two or four racers trade off running 5k laps. The catch? They have the opportunity to shave their time by two minutes for every beer they drink. This four-hour-long running and drinking (drunning? rinking?) event is made for those with serious endurance (and a potential a drinking problem).

Love in a Time of War

Love is a Slow Bern. Electoral votes may be weak, but love is strong on the campaign trail for Bernie Sanders – and supporters are feeling the Bern in more ways than one. Take a look at the various “missed connections” ads that have spawned from his rallies.