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Why We Role Play 

Say yes to the dress (up) in the bedroom.

By: Michael Small | Illustrations: Spencer Pidgeon

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The bedroom is one of the most intimate places in the world, where we lay bare our wants and desires (and other, more jiggly bits of ourselves) with another person. It’s the setting of some of our deepest and darkest desires. It’s also a place where you can have some really fun sex.  

Role playing is a way to kick things up a few (belt) notches. It’s a way to lose yourself in the fantasy, and inhabit a persona or attitude you normally wouldn’t – unless you really are a pizza man delivering a large pie with extra chorizo.  

While role play might seem taboo, it’s more common than you think. We spoke to three anonymous role players about why they play the part, what tickles their fancy and why they dress up to get down.

The Naughty Schoolgirl

For our first role player, the excitement didn’t come from dressing up, but seeing how excited the scenario made her boyfriend.  

“It’s about fulfilling someone’s fantasy, you know?” 

It was a longtime request from her partner, who had always dreamed of disciplining a school girl (points for originality). So she donned the standard uniform: kilt, knee socks, blouse and necktie and put her hair in pigtails, as you do. Once in character, she sat down to do her homework when she heard a knock at the door. Looking for any excuse to delay doing her homework, she answered it, only to discover her principal who was not amused she was putting aside work to open the door for a stranger. Her punishment? A severe spanking. “I was surprised that I actually received a punishment,” she says. Naturally, the spanking led to more pleasurable form of discipline that wouldn’t go over very well at a PTA meeting.


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The Naughty Criminal

There is usually a natural power balance in a relationship, and role play is a fun and temporary way to tip the scales. For this couple, the man usually let his alpha girlfriend take the lead, and for once he wanted to run the show. Giving a whole new meaning to corporal punishment, this couple decided a game of cops and robbers was a clever way to shift the balance. “It was a great excuse to grow a mustache,” he adds. The crime committed? A speeding ticket, and the culprit knew there was only one way she was going to get out of having her car impounded. That didn’t stop the officer from snapping her in a pair of handcuffs and showing off his police baton. He was in charge, she took the backseat, and both finished with a smile.


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The Naughty… Darth Vader?

Don’t worry – there aren’t any “I’m your father” surprises coming. Our last costumer fell into role play as a way to avoid having to purge her closet. Her boyfriend was upset when he found a number of sexy Halloween costumes while cleaning out his storage. He told her that she had too many, and the only way she could keep them was if she wore them for him for some “fun.” Rejecting more obvious choices like “sexy Catwoman” or “Sexy NASCAR driver,” she instead decided that the Dark Lord of the Sith look would be “most impressive.” Sporting a Darth Vader mask with a voice modulator (heavy breathing built in), she tried to ignite her partner’s lightsaber, to no avail. “But I got to keep the costume,” she says.