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SHIPPING IS ON THE HOUSE | For her | For him

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Discover the Insider Haunts

of Sydney's CBD

From hidden cellar restaurants to sky-high pool clubs, this is how to experience a day out and about in Sydney.

By: Melia Rayner | Photos: Nikki To

Colby Milano is wearing the Party Poncho

SIP 10:00 AM

Reuben Hills
Address: 61 Albion Street, Surry Hills, NSW
Mon–Sat 7AM–4PM
Sunday 7:30AM–4PM

Distance from our Surry Hills showrooma 12-minute walk

Milano is wearing the Party Poncho

It’s no secret – Australians love their coffee. It’s with good fortune that two of the Kit and Ace Sydney showrooms sit a stones throw away from Reuben Hills and the soon-to-debut second venue in the CBD, Hills Bros. A locally loved cafe, Reuben Hills looks out on an unassuming neighbourhood street but contains a buzzing energy that will keep you caffeinated alone. Inside you’ll find an industrial space that stretches right to the back of the block with a roastery tucked away upstairs.

Enjoy the all-day breakfast menu that packs a punch among traditional brunch flavours, and pull up a seat to start your day with a strong brew in hand and a head start on the daily grind.

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Address: Basement Level, 350 George Street, Sydney, NSW
Mon–Fri 12PM–11:45PM
Saturday 5PM–11:45PM
Closed Sundays

Distance from our 5 Martin Place showrooma three-minute walk


Venture down the basement stairs from Angel Place and you will find one of Sydney’s most coveted restaurants. INDU takes its cue from coastal Indian cuisine and draws from the celebration of village culture and hospitality – this is not your average curry spot. Open baskets of fresh spices line the walkways and decor reminiscent of a regal suite in India sets the scene for a cultural feast.

Listen to INDU’s eclectic soundtrack of ’60s British rock and enjoy unexpected flavour combinations (think: banana and tamarind jam) for a dining experience you won’t forget any time soon.

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PLAY 6:00 PM

The Ivy Pool Club
Address: Level 4, 320 George Street, Sydney, NSW
Tues–Fri 12PM–Late
Saturday 6PM–Late
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Distance from our 5 Martin Place showrooma four-minute walk

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If the word ‘institution’ means an established and important societal venue, then the Ivy has earned this status among Sydney’s social scene. The lavish venue is renowned for its pool parties, Italian fare and sophisticated accoutrements. Sip on a martini and enjoy their signature charcuterie board in one of the private cabanas for the perfect evening in Sydney. 

As part of the Merivale restaurant empire, the Ivy Pool Club provides a welcome escape from the rush of the city below. Allow the Italian beachside decor and dance-worthy music welcome you to an outdoor party like no other.

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