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The Culinary Explorer's Guide to London

Treat your taste buds to adventure with Tom and Will Perkins’ guide to London.

By: Chelle Morgan | Photos: Tom Johnson

Will (right) is wearing the Everyday Crew

Tom and Will Perkins are brothers with all the traits of great adventurers: curiosity, infectious energy and the ability to always say “yes.” (A bold appetite and some liquid courage don’t hurt either.) From a trans-continental cycling trip through 26 countries and publishing a cookbook, to winemaking at Hattingley Valley and producing biodynamic Cava in Barcelona, the lives of the brothers Perkins are full of travel, culinary exploits and good conversation.

A winemaker and culinary entrepreneur, respectively, Will and Tom both maintain an eager curiosity for London’s offering of sustainable food, small batch spirits and outdoor green space. “It’s a city that feels at times incredibly hard to crack, but once you find your rhythm you discover a pace and energy that’s completely unique,” Tom explains.

With worldly influences and bold flavours in mind, the brothers take us around town to show us where to eat, drink and play in the heart of London.

8:00 AM
Hampstead Heath

Address: Hampstead Heath, London, UK
Hours: Open 24 hours
Distance from our Covent Garden showroom: a 25-minute drive or bike ride

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Start your day in lush, green Hampstead Heath. Hop on your bike for a quick half-hour ride from the city. When you arrive, take a morning dip in the swimming ponds or stop to appreciate the view of London from new heights at Parliament Hill.

“Life and work should both be endless journeys of discovery and a quest to deepen knowledge and understanding.” —Will Perkins

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12:00 PM
Brunch at Poco Tapas Bar

Address: 129 Pritchard’s Road, London, UK
Mon–Fri 8AM–10PM
Sat–Sun 10AM–10PM
Distance from our Shoreditch showroom: a 20-minute walk or 8-minute bike ride


Stop for brunch at the eco-minded Poco Tapas Bar for bold international flavours and 100 per cent seasonally and locally grown vegetables and free-range meat. You won’t be disappointed with sharing the shakshouka or merguez sausage with harissa and buttered greens.

“Food is the most effective facilitator of interaction. Nothing brings people together – to celebrate, to reminisce, to converse, to share and to give thanks – quite like a collective meal does.” —Tom Perkins

Tom is wearing the Commuter Trouser

2:00 PM
The Barbican Estate

Address: Barbican Estate, London, UK
Hours: Open 24 hours
Distance from our Covent Garden, Shoreditch and Borough showrooms: an 11-minute drive or bike ride

Wander through the creative heart of London and explore the Barbican (meaning “fortress”), designed in the ’50s and called one of the modern wonders of the world by The Queen herself. Discover one of the largest examples of Brutalist architecture and get lost in the maze of gardens, lakes and concrete spaces.

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“It's difficult to find a place more culturally and culinarily diverse than London. Its vibrancy stems largely from the cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic nature of its communities.” Will Perkins

5:00 PM
East London Liquor Company

Address: 221 Grove Road, London, UK
Sun–Thurs 12PM–11:30PM
Fri–Sat 12PM–12AM
Distance from our Shoreditch showroom: a 10-minute drive or bike ride

Will (right) is wearing the Stand Tall Button Up

Sip on something strong at the East London Liquor Company, a distillery producing London dry gin, small batch vodka, Demerara rum and two batches of premium gin. After taking a tour, cosy up at the in-house restaurant for pork belly and beans.


“Having the boldness to simply begin is one of the most positive and affirming approaches you can have [in life]. Seeing someone with genuine passion and confidence to make a vision come to light is admirable.” —Tom Perkins

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7:30 PM
Dinner at Nat.ive

Address: 3 Neal’s Yard, London, UK
Everyday from 12:30PM–2:30PM
Distance from our Covent Garden showroom: a one-minute walk

Finish the night by gathering your friends for a meal at Nat.ive. Order the legendary wood pigeon kebab with beetroot hummus and don’t leave without trying the Lyme Bay scallops with sobrasada. Your taste buds will thank you.

“Food is an amazing facilitator of conversation and can completely transcend cultural differences between people. Having a giggle whilst cooking with Tommy is the idea of a perfect evening for me.”—Will Perkins

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